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Misterfreek is a design company with a focus on building great-looking brands and design products for entrepreneurial companies that want to unleash their brand's potential.


We understand how hard it is to have branding that works. Our people-oriented approach to design has proven time and time again that what our clients need is to not only increase their sales, but a reliable partner that provides the right kind of branding experience, quickly and at a fair price. This eliminates frustration, confusion, and anxiety about your company's future.


Trust us: at the end of our journey together, you'll feel happier and more confident with your company because you'll know that you made the right branding decision. Let us help you with your next project and we'll make your brand memorable and give you peace of mind.


Misterfreek Co-Founder Jose Andres Reyes

Jose Andrés Reyes

Founder & CEO


Gibran García

Co-Founder & COO



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Misterfreek is a group of experienced professionals that pool their intellectual and tactical efforts to deliver high quality and stress-free services. Apply now to become part of our team!